How to take care of nails naturally at home

How to take care of nails naturally
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Everyone loves beautiful shiny nails. And when you look at the hands and feet, the first thing you notice is the nails. Everyone wants to make their nails attractive by painting or decorating them. The nails look beautiful only when they are healthy. Because health is the main condition of beauty. Irrespective of age, nails should always be taken care of. Nails can be affected for various reasons, so awareness is needed. The problem with it is not less. Nail color changes to yellowish, sometimes nails become brittle. To get rid of these problems and to keep the nails in good condition, cleanliness is needed first. For that you have to take care of hands and feet regularly. Today I’ll discuss about ‘how to take a care of nails naturally at home.

How to take care of nails naturally | Nail care routine

Nail care can be done at home. For that you must follow some advice. Let’s know how we can take care of nails at home remedies.

Eat nutritious food

Most of the nail problems are due to the lack of some nutrients, said Tamanna Chowdhury, chief nutritionist at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka. Healthy nails need protein, calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B-12 and other ingredients. The nails become brown or gray due to the lack of some, white spots appear on the nails due to the lack of some, and the nails become brittle or damaged due to the lack of some. Eating protein, iron, calcium, potassium, iodine and vitamin B in quantity with food will keep the nails fresh and healthy. stay beautiful

Keep nails short | How to take care of nails naturally

Trim nails at least once a week. It is better not to use scissors or blade to cut the nails nicely. Because there is a possibility of nail breakage. If you are in the habit of biting your nails with your teeth, give it up today. The shape or structure of the nails is never beautiful. It is best to use sharp nail cutters for cutting nails. Manicure (hand nail care) at least once a week is essential for beautiful nails. You can get regular manicures at home. Cut the nails regularly with manicure clippers or cutters and shape them with a nail filer. Soak the nails in lukewarm water for a while before cutting the nails. Wet nails are softer, easier to cut and do not damage the nails. Many times nails break due to various reasons. If the nail is broken for any reason, never pull it out. Palin will cause pain and will also damage the nail plate. Broken nails should be carefully cut with nail clippers. Massage the nails with petroleum jelly or moisturizer before going to bed at night.

how to take care of nails naturally at home

Keep nails clean and tidy 

Always keep nails clean and dry. But it is not right to keep the nails wet. This can lead to various microbial infections, especially fungi. Therefore, after wetting the nails, they must be wiped and kept dry. If the nails are wet, bacteria and fungus can grow inside the nails. The risk of infection increases several times from this. Use soap to clean nails. If the weather is a bit cold, use lukewarm water with soap. It is better to clean the nails with a brush. If there is any mud or any chemicals on the nails, it is important to wash the nails thoroughly as soon as possible.

Avoid using nail polish |How to take care of nails naturally

We think that painting the nails with various colored nail polish is enough. But we may not realize how healthy the nails are under this nail polish. If the nails don’t take care of properly, they can become thin and break or become infected with fungus/bacteria which can cause serious health risks. To avoid these risks, it is better not to use nail polish all the time. It destroys the natural color of the nails.

In addition, once a week, warm 3 spoons of olive oil and rub it well on the hands and fingers and wait for 20 minutes and wash it off with water. It will prevent the hands from feeling rough and the nails will become extra shiny and strong. For those with brittle nails, 2 spoons of food gelatin mixed with one cup of fruit juice for a month will get considerable benefits. Every day, apply a small amount of lotion, olive oil, cream or cuticle soft to the nail and smooth it at the base of the nail with cotton. As a result, the nails will be good for a long time.

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How to grow strong nails naturally

To strengthen fingernails:

  1. There is no substitute for 1 glass of milk daily for hard nails.
  2. File nails once a week. Those who have weak nails should use paper filer instead of metal filler.
  3. Nail breakage depends on the nail gene so file the nail in the same direction while filing the nail, filling in different directions increases the chance of nail splitting.
  4. Know your nail type before taking care of your nails. There are 5 types of nails commonly seen – dry, brittle, damaged, soft and normal. Congratulations if you have normal nails. Besides, those who have dry nails should massage with olive oil twice a day. If you have brittle nails, your nails need moisture. You can try using Vaseline or moisturizing lotion. Damaged nails are a point of call to the doctor and soft nails mean that your nails have too much moisture and its main enemy is water, so it’s best to wear gloves before touching the water.
  5. Drink enough water to keep your nails healthy as well as your body.
  6. The cuticle plays a big role in nail growth so take a look at that too. Massage Vaseline or olive oil before going to bed at night to keep cuticles healthy. Use cuticle oil if possible.

4 ways to grow and strengthen nails fast

(1) First, take salt, warm water and 1 spoon of olive oil. Mix it all together well. Then soak the nails in this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.

(2) Take 1 spoon of lemon juice, 3 spoons of olive oil. Heat the yolk and soak the nails in the mixture for 10 minutes. Do this daily.

(3) Take orange juice, soak your nails in it for 10 minutes. Then wash your hands with warm or lukewarm water. Then apply moisturizer cream well. Follow this method daily.

(4) Many people’s nails are very thin and break easily. To strengthen the nails, dip the nails in warm or lukewarm olive oil for 20 minutes (do it every 1 day) you can follow this method.


It is not advisable to make the nails too long, as there is a risk of accidental breakage of the nails. But whatever the size of the nails, they should be kept clean at all times. If there is any abnormality in the nail (such as if the nail becomes pitted or pitted, or if the nail suddenly becomes brittle, the nail or its surrounding area becomes swollen, pus forms or develops), consult a doctor immediately.

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