Hair loss in early pregnancy | Hair fall in pregnancy

Hair loss early pregnancy
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A woman’s life is fulfilled through motherhood. Pregnancy is a joy for every woman. But along with the joys, every ‘mother’ has to face some small problems throughout pregnancy. Hair loss  in early pregnancy especially. It is rare to find a mother who completes an entire pregnancy without any problems. Today I’ll discuss about hair fall in pregnancy and tips for pregnancy hair growth.

Hair loss in early pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural process. As the fetus gradually grows, some changes occur in the mother’s body. Hair loss during pregnancy is common. At this time, thinking about the unborn child, the mother has to take extra care. Extra care is understood by everyone. But everyone should forget about hair care for pregnant women.

Many people may be thinking about pregnant women’s hair care! Eating is important at this time. But if you observe a little, you will see that during pregnancy, a girl’s hair becomes twelve o’clock, especially during pregnancy. Many mothers worry about hair loss in early pregnancy. This problem is often permanent.

What kind of changes come? During hair loss in early pregnancy

Women with dry hair may experience oily hair during pregnancy. Others may experience thick hair in the event cycle while others are left with hair loss and baldness. Many blame hormones for these changes, while others believe that most of these changes are temporary. Now know the real causes of various hair problems during pregnancy.

Estrogen and blood volume levels suddenly increase during this period along with increased protein requirements. And these are the main causes of hair problems in women during pregnancy. Some simple tips will save you from these problems.

Eight tips for Pregnancy hair growth

1) Use of hair oil

Oil is the best way to take care of hair during pregnancy. Apply hair oil 3/4 days a week. Massage your hair with lukewarm oil and keep it like this for a few minutes. Wrap the hair with a hot towel. In this way, the scalp will absorb the oil from the hair and the hair roots will be strengthened.

2) Avoid hair color

If you are fond of coloring your hair, you should give up the hobby at this time. Because chemicals are usually toxic and can be harmful to your unborn baby. If you want to dye your hair alone, it is better to go for henna.

3) Head massage

Needless to say, you are worried most of the time during this time, resulting in high stress levels. So occasional head massage will be beneficial for you. Mix almond oil with olive oil. Then massage the hair roots well. Along with taking care of your hair during pregnancy, it will also relieve your stress.

4) Choosing the right shampoo

To take care of your hair during pregnancy, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and don’t forget to apply conditioner after shampooing.

5) Do not comb wet hair

If you want to be careful with hair care during pregnancy, the first thing you should do is stop combing wet hair. Why should you never comb wet hair when you are pregnant? Because the roots of the hair are very soft when wet. Therefore, the amount of hair loss increases a lot if you comb it.

6) Enjoy the change

Changes in hair texture are normal during pregnancy. Someone’s straight hair can become bouncy or curly. This change will give you a new look and enjoy it without worrying about it. Update your hairstyle with the change.

7) Hair mask

Make a hair pack with amalaki, Haritaki, sour curd, egg, raw henna and use it every 10 days, hair will be neat and hair fall will be reduced. You can also use natural ingredients like banana, honey. We all know these are called nutritional powerhouses. These ingredients have no effect on your health and also provide essential nutrients to your hair.

8) Trim your hair regularly

It is already said to trim the hair every 3 months. It makes hair grow faster. I tell mothers to trim their hair regularly. You can also try a new hairstyle if you want.

I hope the above tips a pregnant mom can take care of her hair and grow hair during pregnancy.


 I would suggest taking adequate amounts of vitamins and a balanced diet. Also drink enough water. The need for protein in the body increases during pregnancy. But if you don’t consume enough protein, it will have a detrimental effect on your hair. So take food and vitamins as per your doctor’s advice. It will keep your hair thick, long and shiny even after your hormonal changes. But during this time, it is also important to get adequate exercise and moderate rest for healthy hair. Best wishes to all pregnant moms.

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