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Cavity between teeth
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The Cavity between teeth is a common health issue for everyone, young and old. Most of the mothers have a complaint that their baby’s teeth are decaying. Not only children, this problem can occur at any age. As a result, one has to endure a lot of pain and suffering. Long-term neglect causes cavities to grow and eventually require dental fillings, root canal treatments. Sometimes it is necessary to throw out the tooth as a last resort. To avoid this suffering and at the same time to save time and money it is necessary to seek treatment at an early stage. 

Cavity between teeth – What is dental cavity?

Black spots, decay, spots on the teeth are called dental cavities or dental caries according to medical terms. Irrespective of young and old, everyone suffers from this problem more or less. In the early stage this problem is very neglected by everyone because the cavity does not show any symptoms immediately. Children, especially do not realize that there is a problem with the teeth. As time passes, the problem gradually increases. Then the treatment becomes very expensive, difficult and time consuming. Today I’ll discuss about the cavity between teeth, causes, symptoms and expert advice.

Causes of Cavity between teeth

1) Dental cavities are mainly caused by some bacteria, which are usually present in our mouths. When food is stuck in the teeth for a long time, these bacteria can rot the food and cause ulcers at the root of the tooth.

2) Carbohydrates or sugary foods like rice, bread, potatoes and sugary or sweet foods accumulate in the gap of the teeth, causing more bacterial attack. Chocolate, chewing gum, candies are also responsible for causing cavities.

3) If the teeth are unclean, food accumulates and forms plaque or a layer of dirt, and this plaque contains a type of acid that erodes the hard enamel on the outside of the teeth. The enamel wears down, causing small holes and cavities grow.

4) Due to tooth decay, bacteria and acid penetrate deeper, causing damage to the nerve and vein of the tooth, causing sharp pain.

5) Cavity also occurs due to lifestyle, personal hygiene or lack of oral hygiene.

6) Many people have various diseases due to which the amount of saliva in the mouth decreases. This spit helps keep the mouth clean. Decreased amount of saliva can lead to tooth cavities.

Ways to remove Cavity between teeth

Brush teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities. Fluoride plays an important role in preventing cavities. A study found that brushing twice regularly with a fluoride-based toothpaste can reduce cavities. So if you have cavity problems and are looking for ways to get rid of cavities, fluoride toothpaste can help you.

Dental caries and its symptoms

Although it may not be understood at first that a cavity has occurred, there are some signs that can be seen to understand that this problem has developed in the teeth. For example, the toothache may occur all the time, sudden, excruciating pain without any reason, excessive sensitivity and teeth grinding after eating sour food, sharp pain after eating sweet, hot or cold food etc.

Apart from this, if you see holes and holes in the teeth with the naked eye, brown, black or yellowish spots inside or outside the teeth, pain with every bite while eating – if any of these symptoms appear, you will understand that you have caries in your teeth.

Causes of dental caries

1) The risk of caries is more in the inner teeth. Especially in the gums. All these teeth have more grooves and holes, so food gets stuck more. While the front teeth are easier to clean, the back teeth are not as easy to clean. As a result, the risk of caries increases.

2) Some special foods like milk, ice cream, honey, sugar, dry fruits, cakes, biscuits, chips etc. Are stuck in the teeth for a long time. As a result, they increase the risk of caries.

3) Drinking too frequently of coke, soda or sugary drinks, snacking snacks gives new fuel to the bacteria at the root of the tooth to wreak havoc.

4) If the baby is fed with a feeder or milk while sleeping, its part sticks to the teeth for a long time. The decay increases.

5) If you don’t brush your teeth properly and regularly.

6) Sometimes due to excess acidity, the acidic juice of the stomach reaches the mouth and damages the teeth.

7) If the mouth is too dry or if there is not enough saliva in the mouth, the food accumulated on the teeth cannot be washed away, thereby increasing the risk of caries.

8) The risk of caries is higher among children and the elderly because these age groups are the most neglected dental care.

Advice for Cavity between teeth

1) Brush your teeth regularly in the morning and at night.

2) Excess sugar, starch or acidic foods should be excluded from the diet.

3) It is better to eat less food that gets stuck between the teeth.

4) Visit the dentist for regular teeth cleaning and examination.

5) Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash after brushing teeth.

6) Instead of a toothpick, the dirt accumulated between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss.


Dental cavity is a well-known problem. Many of us are not aware that this problem will occur if we do not take care of our teeth regularly. If dental caries are not treated properly, the problem may worsen later. So consult a doctor. Be aware, stay healthy.

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